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Niklas Paschburg
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February 2018
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The first LP from neo-classical upstart Niklas Paschburg could not be more aptly titled. Recorded by the sea, Oceanic is not only full of field recordings of gently crashing waves, but also distills the feeling of gazing out over the ocean. Paschburg’s primary instrument is the piano, and on the keys he crafts simple, sparse tunes that bear the obvious influence of Nils Frahm and Olafur Arnalds. On the likes of ‘Sand Whirling’ he lets the piano do the work, accompanying with nothing more than a little found sound. Elsewhere he weds it to soft techno stylings in a manner that’s not a million miles away from Bon Iver’s 22, A Million.

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  1. 1 Pier (Intro) 1:12 Niklas Paschburg Buy
  2. 2 Spark 4:23 Niklas Paschburg Buy
  3. 3 Sand Whirling 4:27 Niklas Paschburg Buy
  4. 4 Anew 3:46 Niklas Paschburg Buy
  5. 5 Journey Among Worlds 5:35 Niklas Paschburg Buy
  6. 6 Sonar 2:17 Niklas Paschburg Buy
  7. 7 Fade Away 5:09 Niklas Paschburg Buy
  8. 8 Fragmentation 3:48 Niklas Paschburg Buy
  9. 9 Abeyance 3:36 Niklas Paschburg Buy
  10. 10 Oceanic 3:47 Niklas Paschburg Buy
  11. 11 Magnetic Petrurbation 3:22 Niklas Paschburg Buy
  12. 12 Appear 5:23 Niklas Paschburg Buy

Niklas Paschburg


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