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Rainbow Mirror
Rainbow Mirror
Profound Lore
Catalogue Number
Release Date
December 2017
  • Vinyl, 7×LP

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    • Released via Hospital Productions
    • Each record in its own individual printed jacket
    • Includes large format two-sided poster
    • Housed in a sturdy black linen wrapped and pigment stamped debossed box with tip-on cover

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Dominick Fernow has never done things by half measures. The Hospital Records boss marks the 20th anniversary of the birth of his Prurient project with this behemoth of a record. Rainbow Mirror runs to seven LPs for the vinyl release and the digital version clocks in at over 200 minutes. This set will stand the test of time as monument to the Prurient endeavour - brutal, uncompromising, overwhelming and epic. Time and again, Rainbow Mirror proves that no-one knows noise quite like Fernow.

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Digital Track List

  1. 1 Barefoot God 5:39 Prurient Buy
  2. 2 Walking On Dehydrated Coral 10:27 Prurient Buy
  3. 3 Midnight Kabar 8:50 Prurient Buy
  4. 4 Chaos-Sex 14:40 Prurient Buy
  5. 5 Falling In The Water 15:22 Prurient Buy
  6. 6 Okinawan Burial Vaults 17:46 Prurient Buy
  7. 7 April Fool's Day Aspect Sinister 17:33 Prurient Buy
  8. 8 Cruel Worlds 15:21 Prurient Buy
  9. 9 Naturecum 14:27 Prurient Buy
  10. 10 Blue Kimono Over Corpse 15:09 Prurient Buy
  11. 11 Path Is Short 16:00 Prurient Buy
  12. 12 Buddha Strangled In Vines (Part One) 9:56 Prurient Buy
  13. 13 Buddha Strangled In Vines (Part Two) 18:52 Prurient Buy
  14. 14 Lazarus Flamethrower Sleepwalk 10:12 Prurient Buy
  15. 15 Buddhist State 9:24 Prurient Buy


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Profound Lore

Industrial Techno

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