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Rainbow Mirror
Rainbow Mirror
Profound Lore
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December 2017
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Offered up as ‘a portrait in perpetual tension’, and housed in cover art created as the first collage in the pre-recording era of Prurient, Rainbow Mirror draws on the project’s roots in order to locate itself in the modern day. What it finds in the process is that little has changed since Prurient and Hospital Productions’ conception in ’97 - the world is still a torrid, evil mess beyond control, and one that needs notions like Prurient to try and define its heaving mass more than ever.

Like Frozen Niagara Falls before it, echoes of the old world riddle the long, stark corridors of Rainbow Mirror, too. But here those echoes are more fragmented, distant and entropically obfuscated, emulating the effect of trying to find your own image in a hall of mirrors, or locating yourself drowning amid the clamour of more than 3 billion other people online, all saying the same, mundane shit at the same time.

With a length and intensity proportionately reflective of the world’s increasing socio-political tension and rate of homogeneity, Rainbow Mirror holds firm as a space to immolate the senses in preparation for the ever nearing eschaton.

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  1. 1 Barefoot God 5:39 Prurient Buy
  2. 2 Walking On Dehydrated Coral 10:27 Prurient Buy
  3. 3 Midnight Kabar 8:50 Prurient Buy
  4. 4 Chaos-Sex 14:40 Prurient Buy
  5. 5 Falling In The Water 15:22 Prurient Buy
  6. 6 Okinawan Burial Vaults 17:46 Prurient Buy
  7. 7 April Fool's Day Aspect Sinister 17:33 Prurient Buy
  8. 8 Cruel Worlds 15:21 Prurient Buy
  9. 9 Naturecum 14:27 Prurient Buy
  10. 10 Blue Kimono Over Corpse 15:09 Prurient Buy
  11. 11 Path Is Short 16:00 Prurient Buy
  12. 12 Buddha Strangled In Vines (Part One) 9:56 Prurient Buy
  13. 13 Buddha Strangled In Vines (Part Two) 18:52 Prurient Buy
  14. 14 Lazarus Flamethrower Sleepwalk 10:12 Prurient Buy
  15. 15 Buddhist State 9:24 Prurient Buy


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