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Various Artists
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November 2017
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Another superb addition to the EXO series from our Belgian friends. Functioning as a homage to the widespread network of artists operating within the tiny country (as well as likeminded individuals from slightly further afield), these compilations also serve as an amazing little temporal bubble. The IDM influenced electronics of Milan W sit beside Jonny Nash’s drifting ambience and sweet modern classical motifs from Polysick. Super slick packaging and inner sleeve prints also ensure the music comes housed in some futuristic, Alien-esque business. These are limited as usual and will probably fly out, so don’t hang around.

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  1. 1 Birdwatching 1:20 Hiele
  2. 2 Misolidio 1:12 Polysick
  3. 3 Blankenberge 0:56 Rembrandt Redandt
  4. 4 Momentum 1:14 Soft Focus
  5. 5 Twee Beren 0:18 Alois R
  6. 6 Glaasjes 1:14 Milan W
  7. 7 Ferragosto 1:14 Regnacciarius
  8. 8 Verletztes Reh 1:32 Elko B.
  9. 9 Walking With Raven 1:13 Hantrax
  10. 10 Head Is Clearer 1:14 Jonny Nash
  11. 11 Starshine 1:16 Gigi Masin
  12. 12 Still Sick 1:08 Suzanne Kraft
  13. 13 Buchla For Sunday 0:56 Hiele
  14. 14 Kats 0:58 Componium Ensemble
  15. 15 Nuptiale 1:22 Roger 3000


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