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Special Herbs Cassette Boxset
MF Doom
Special Herbs Cassette Boxset
Metal Face
Catalogue Number
C-CFR 105
Release Date
November 2017
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Though it sometimes gets forgotten these days, there was a time in the mid-to-late 2000s when MF DOOM could claim to be hip-hop’s premier auteur. Given the man in the mask’s impeccable catalogue of beats and rhymes, there would have been few who would have challenged the claim. A large part of his reputation was forged by the Special Herbs series he put out as Metal Fingers. Each of these ten instrumental albums contain beats of great playfulness and dexterity that have gone on to influence legions of beatmakers the world over. Now we get all ten re-released as a five-cassette box-set. This is the perfect place to (re)acquaint yourself with one of the most singular voices in hip-hop.

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  1. 1 Saffron (Special Herbs Vol 1) 2:00 MF Doom
  2. 2 Arrow Root 2:00 MF Doom
  3. 3 Red #40 (Special Herbs Vol 2) 2:00 MF Doom
  4. 4 Nettle Leaves 2:00 MF Doom
  5. 5 Agrimony (Special Herbs Vol 3) 1:04 MF Doom
  6. 6 Arabic Gum 1:25 MF Doom
  7. 7 Blood Root (Special Herbs Vol 4) 2:00 MF Doom
  8. 8 Star Anis 2:00 MF Doom
  9. 9 Pennyroyal (Special Herbs Vol 5) 2:00 MF Doom
  10. 10 Lavendar Buds 2:00 MF Doom
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MF Doom

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Metal Face

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