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Space Museum
Solid Space
Space Museum
Dark Entries Records
Catalogue Number
Release Date
January 2018
13 Clips
  • Vinyl 1×LP Out of Stock
    • Double-sided 11×11 insert with lyrics, notes and never before seen photographs of the band
    • Postcard featuring an original advert for the cassette

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A crowning glory of minimal wave and underground cassette culture, Solid Space's legendary Space Museum finally receives an official vinyl press via Dark Entries.

Originally released via CS on the Essex early 80's cult imprint In Phaze, Space Museum has been one of those legendary recordings that make you feel like you have stumbled upon an entirely new world of music to dig deep into when you first discover it (though shortlived as they never commercially released anything else, yet there are rumors of more material in existence...) Space Museum offers the listener a tour around an incredibly vivid world of perfectly presented, low-fi synthpop and post-post-punk. Yet litters it with excellently used Doctor Who science fiction samples and themes that gives Solid Space's music a distinctly, low budget yet high dreaming feeling. One that for those who listen and have listened to for the past few decades will find still sends a shiver down the spine of to this day.

Time to turn off the YouTube rips and enjoy Solid Space how it really ought to be enjoyed, cut nice and loud to vinyl. Endless respect to Dark Entries for this one, reissue of the decade anyone?

  1. 1 Afghan Dance 1:28 Solid Space
  2. 2 Spectrum Is Green 1:30 Solid Space
  3. 3 Destination Moon 1:30 Solid Space
  4. 4 The Guests 1:30 Solid Space
  5. 5 New Statue 1:30 Solid Space
  6. 6 A Darkness In My Soul 1:30 Solid Space
  7. 7 Radio France 1:30 Solid Space
  8. 8 Tenth Planet 1:30 Solid Space
  9. 9 Earthshock 1:20 Solid Space
  10. 10 Contemplation 1:30 Solid Space
  11. 11 Please Don't Fade Away 1:30 Solid Space
  12. 12 Tutti Lo Sanno 1:30 Solid Space
  13. 13 Platform 6 1:30 Solid Space

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