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Cosmic Path
Damon Wild
Cosmic Path
Infrastructure New York
Catalogue Number
INF-CD 003 D
Release Date
December 2017
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NYC synth pusher Damon Wild releases his first new album in 13 years. Teaming up with David Sumner’s Infrastructure New York, Cosmic Path proves that the 90s techno stylings Wild has dealt with in the past are still in good nick. As one might expect from the record’s title, Cosmic Path has a particularly spaced-out flavour. As the kicks and snares pound away, Wild layers up the synths to create trippy, stargazing soundscapes. Keys burble, chime, whirl and whoosh, and the likes of ‘Mars Lander’ have a nice tinge of sci-fi silliness. Anyone who has been digging Space Dimension Controller in recent years will find much to love here.

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  1. 1 1242 1:40 Damon Wild Buy
  2. 2 Aquarius 4:29 Damon Wild Buy
  3. 3 Red 5:18 Damon Wild Buy
  4. 4 Distant Carrier 5:01 Damon Wild Buy
  5. 5 Mars Lander 5:25 Damon Wild Buy
  6. 6 Sparse 6:21 Damon Wild Buy
  7. 7 Start Point 6:08 Damon Wild Buy
  8. 8 Barritones 1:40 Damon Wild Buy
  9. 9 Amber 5:47 Damon Wild Buy
  10. 10 Light 4:37 Damon Wild Buy
  11. 11 Responder 6:33 Damon Wild Buy
  12. 12 Space Race 5:23 Damon Wild Buy
  13. 13 Unstable Space 5:53 Damon Wild Buy
  14. 14 Dining On Jupiter 6:07 Damon Wild Buy
  15. 15 Fridays Orbit 4:07 Damon Wild Buy

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