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The Little Movies Long Play
Little Movies
The Little Movies Long Play
Wah Wah Wino
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November 2017
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More justifiably hyped Wah Wah Wino gear from Omid Geadizadeh, Olmo Devin & Morgan Buckley's imprint, this time around its Buckley and Ben ''soft-shoe'' Donoghue's Little Movies making a full 12" debut with a 'live score to a silent 1920s Lawn Mower Man'. Following a smart move on the imprints highly valued Absolutely Wino comp (which many are kicking themselves at having slept on). Limited as fcuk and Mastered by The Bastard for maximum carnage...

The Little Movies Long Play is a world away from the dazzling Davy Kehoe record, this time around the squad are choosing to focus in on a more brain-melting cosmic slop of fizzing electronics and noise passages, yet with all Wah Wah releases, its tongue in cheek vibe is part of what makes it so teeth-achingly addictive.

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  1. 1 Westwest 1:34 Little Movies
  2. 2 Youq 1:09 Little Movies
  3. 3 Oisin 1:50 Little Movies
  4. 4 Namognob 1:24 Little Movies
  5. 5 You're So Thin 1:26 Little Movies
  6. 6 Spittal 1:45 Little Movies
  7. 7 Winowaltz 1:01 Little Movies
  8. 8 Drippy7up 2:37 Little Movies
  9. 9 Oisin Pt.2 2:03 Little Movies
  10. 10 Distort-O 1:06 Little Movies
  11. 11 Twitter (Outro) 1:36 Little Movies
  12. 12 A Very Soft Shoe 1:05 Little Movies

Wah Wah Wino

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