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Dead Fader
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December 2017
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The forward-thinking Dead Fader follows up his 2016 Parachute Records debut with this new LP. The one born John Cohen can draw on more influences than most - the press release cites Kanye West, Bach, IDM and Krautrock - and his wide-reaching ear bears fruit on the envelope-pushing Jenny153. Tracks like ‘Fire Storm’ and ‘Raw Food’ combine glitchy synth work with fast-paced drum takes in a manner that recalls Arca and Amnesia Scanner. ‘FYI’ is an industrial-strength rendering of Yeezy’s ‘Black Skinhead’, while closer ‘Ice Pits’ is as chilling as the title suggests. The album’s second half also features a few tracks that skirt towards trap territory while still maintaining the abrasive textures of Jenny153’s opening cuts.

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  1. 1 Crash 1:44 Dead Fader Buy
  2. 2 Fire Storm 5:01 Dead Fader Buy
  3. 3 Raw Food 4:55 Dead Fader Buy
  4. 4 FYI 5:29 Dead Fader Buy
  5. 5 Chromazone 2:45 Dead Fader Buy
  6. 6 Lightning 5:54 Dead Fader Buy
  7. 7 Uncontrollable Worm 4:13 Dead Fader Buy
  8. 8 Life Cycle 5:55 Dead Fader Buy
  9. 9 Ice Pits 3:22 Dead Fader Buy

Dead Fader

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