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Crazy, other-worldly robot music from Russian singer Lisokot and Berlin hardware maestro Atom™. Using sparse scat vocals and eerie synth modulations to craft some desolately futuristic sounding electronic music the duo embrace the ¾ time signature of the classic Waltz dance to wild effect. More of a meditation on technology and ‘transhumanity’ the seven tracks the duo wrote seem to fluctuate between some kind of warped opera soundtrack and wild, dystopian war cries. We’ve never heard anything else like this. Be sure to check their club focused 12” for Brian Kasenic’s The Bunker label too.

  1. 1 Leitmotif I 2:00 Atom™ & Lisokot Buy
  2. 2 Transhuman Melody 3:00 Atom™ & Lisokot Buy
  3. 3 Be Bop A Lula 3:00 Atom™ & Lisokot Buy
  4. 4 Leitmotif II 2:00 Atom™ & Lisokot Buy
  5. 5 Machienenwalzer 3:00 Atom™ & Lisokot Buy
  6. 6 Alliiertenwalzer 3:00 Atom™ & Lisokot Buy
  7. 7 Leitmotif III 2:00 Atom™ & Lisokot Buy


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