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Thunder Perfect Mind
Current 93
Thunder Perfect Mind
The Spheres
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December 2017
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Current 93's industrial folk milestone Thunder Perfect Mind gets its first ever vinyl issue since its original release back in 1992, featuring contributions from Shirley Collins, Steven Stapleton, John Balance and Rose McDowall.

Not to be confused with its twin album (in title only, mind) by Nurse With Wound, Thunder Perfect Mind found David Tibet moving as far away from the acid-infused sound of the post-punk industrial scene. While close musical allies and collaborators Coil at the time were spiralling into insanity with Love's Secret Domain, Thunder Perfect Mind saw Tibet diving into the rich yet cloudy history of British folk with this hallucinatory chapter of the C93 saga. A hugely underground and underrated album that stands as a true cornerstone of the hidden reverse.

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  1. 1 A Beginning 0:44 Current 93
  2. 2 The Descent Of Long Satan And Babylon 2:00 Current 93
  3. 3 A Sadness Song 2:00 Current 93
  4. 4 A Song For Douglas After He's Dead 2:00 Current 93
  5. 5 In The Heart Of The Wood And What I Found There 2:00 Current 93
  6. 6 Mary Waits In Silence 2:00 Current 93
  7. 7 A Silence Song 2:00 Current 93
  8. 8 A Lament For My Suzanne 2:00 Current 93
  9. 9 Riverdeadbank 2:00 Current 93
  10. 10 All The Stars Are Dead Now 2:00 Current 93
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