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Planet Mu
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December 2017
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Cassettera is one of the two special cassettes Planet Mu are minting for Christmas 2017 - the other is Claude Speeed’s Other Infinities. Much like how Speeed’s installment sees him reworking tracks from his 2017 LP Infinity Ultra, Cassettera is a partner piece to Ekoplekz’s aquatic techno masterpiece Bioprodukt. From the punch-drunk opener ‘Formative’ to the epic circuit-frying of closer ‘The Outlook Is Bleak’, Cassettera excellently augments the work that Ekoplekz put in for Bioprodukt. Records like KiNK’s Under Destruction come to mind on the likes of ‘Jacktrak’ and ‘Nitrate Abuse’, particularly in way the moth-eaten synths weave their way around minimal groove tracks.

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  1. 1 Formative 3:38 Ekoplekz Buy
  2. 2 Bass 2 Dank 5:56 Ekoplekz Buy
  3. 3 The Imperative 5:44 Ekoplekz Buy
  4. 4 Nitrate Abuse 4:35 Ekoplekz Buy
  5. 5 Jacktrak 4:26 Ekoplekz Buy
  6. 6 Tactile 4:35 Ekoplekz Buy
  7. 7 Bedrock 2:46 Ekoplekz Buy
  8. 8 Mashdown 4:07 Ekoplekz Buy
  9. 9 Seconds Too Soon 4:39 Ekoplekz Buy
  10. 10 The Outlook Is Bleak 9:06 Ekoplekz Buy


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