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Time Spent Away From U
DJ Seinfeld
Time Spent Away From U
Lobster Fury
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November 2017
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Nick Williams from Phonica teams up with Jimmy Asquith’s Lobster Theremin imprint to drop the second release on their collaborative label Lobster Fury. Nick’s own label Meda Fury has released some killer electronic music in the past few years and the world of LT needs no introduction so we’ll skip introductions. Nine tracks of catchy deep house grooves a la Wamdue Kids but with a modern day twist, vocal bangers that hark back to 90s rave and slightly grittier techno tracks for when the party really gets going.

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Digital Track List

  1. 1 I Hope I Sleep Tonight (I Hope I Sleep Tonight) DJ Seinfeld 4:06 Buy
  2. 2 I Saw Her Kiss Him in Front of Me and I Was Like Wtf? (I Saw Her Kiss Him In Front Of Me And I Was Like Wtf?) DJ Seinfeld 5:11 Buy
  3. 3 Too Late for U and M1 (Too Late For U And M1) DJ Seinfeld 6:37 Buy
  4. 4 Time Spent Away From U (Time Spent Away From U) DJ Seinfeld 5:32 Buy
  5. 5 It's Just My Luv (It's Just My Luv) DJ Seinfeld 5:57 Buy
  6. 6 How U Make Me Feel (How U Make Me Feel) DJ Seinfeld 6:17 Buy
  7. 7 U Hold Me Without Touch (U Hold Me Without Touch) DJ Seinfeld 6:27 Buy
  8. 8 Come Thru for U (Come Thru For U) DJ Seinfeld 6:09 Buy
  9. 9 U (U) DJ Seinfeld 6:08 Buy

DJ Seinfeld

Experimental House and Techno

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