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CS + Kreme
CS + Kreme
Total Stasis
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November 8, 2017

Second volume of deeply druggy balearic wonderings from the duo of CS + Kreme aka Ozzie underground figureheads Conrad Standish of HTRK and Sam Karmel of F Ingers.

Sort of like HTRK's synthetik stare shot through the recent dub-pop leanings of F Ingers Blackest Ever material, CS + Kreme's second time around brings more shadowy delights. We may have been rinsing the comp a bit too much, but honestly, some of this stuff wouldn't sound out of place on the murky edges of Jah Wobble's Lago records.

Each track just flows with a laidback sway that is both bittersweet but rather unsettling and all the better for it. A very very good record indeed, one that stands miles above the legions of 80's bedroom producer wannabes and imitation post-punk plonkers.

CS + Kreme

Total Stasis

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