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The Distorted Haunted Ballroom
Jun Kamoda
The Distorted Haunted Ballroom
Black Acre
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November 2017
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The Blind Disco EP that Jun Kamoda dropped in June of this year was one of 2017’s best dancefloor rushes. That record saw the Japanese producer combine Afrobeat, NYC disco and sample-house to thrillingly visceral effect. The Distorted Haunted Ballroom repeats the trick of Blind Disco while souping up the grooves to even freakier ends. ‘Body & Soul’ is a psych-techno wonder that sounds like a bunch of police cars pulling up to a Golden Teacher gig. The energetic ‘(((BYE)))’, with its insistent looping, comes closest to the sound of Blind Disco. Closer ‘Dopey Forests’ herks back to the last Black Acre release before this one, Cervo’s hyperactive Afro-house drop ‘Deyo’.

  1. 1 Body & Soul 5:45 Jun Kamoda Buy
  2. 2 (((BYE))) 5:35 Jun Kamoda Buy
  3. 3 Dopey Forests 6:26 Jun Kamoda Buy

Jun Kamoda

Black Acre

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