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Untangle The Roots
Julien Mier
Untangle The Roots
Sin Hilo
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November 2017
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instrumentalist composer and sound sculptor currently living in Sydney. He considers himself an artist. In his own words, he “combines found sounds with found objects to create a cascade of melodic, textural and rhythmic patterns.” Mier has released on Cascade, King Deluxe, Shipwrec, Lowriders Collective, Project Mooncircle, Schematic and Squelch & Clap. During the six tracks of Untangle the Roots side A, Mier takes us to his personal journey though out a vivid story of traveling and leaving old ties behind. He said “people change as a person when their environment changes and I feel this album is a disconnection from my old self.” On side B is the Japanese producer Daisuke Tanabe who explores Mier’s journey together with Ochre and Weird Inside. Also Skygaze, our previous artist (SH03), with his remix adds an other creative layer to the EP.

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  1. 1 Lukewarm Arteries 3:02 Julien Mier Buy
  2. 2 Well 3:50 Julien Mier Buy
  3. 3 All Is Quiet 2:40 Julien Mier Buy
  4. 4 Remember To Forget 3:06 Julien Mier Buy
  5. 5 New Eyes 3:47 Julien Mier Buy
  6. 6 Distant Sceneries 4:47 Julien Mier Buy
  7. 7 Lukewarm Arteries (Skygaze Remix) 4:22 Julien Mier Buy
  8. 8 Well (Ochre Remix) 3:21 Julien Mier Buy
  9. 9 New Eyes (Daisuke Tanabe Remix) 4:38 Julien Mier Buy
  10. 10 Distant Sceneries (Weird Inside Remix) 2:03 Julien Mier Buy

Julien Mier

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