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The Acceptable Presence
Various Artists
The Acceptable Presence
Light Sounds Dark
Catalogue Number
Release Date
October 2017

The Acceptable Presence is the latest ID-empty pick 'n' mix through the outer-reaching cosmos of the LSD collective's ocean of record(rip)s.

Patched together from all manner of private press albums and singles so hard to find you will need a magnifying glass just to see the title, here LSD have truly outdone themselves on the excavation front. Expect a mixture of post-pop-punk, outsider-kraut, library test-card techno & many other weird and wonderful treasures that shall remain nameless.

As with all LSD albums the track titles will soon be online, but for now, if it's still on sale we advise bagging a copy then closing your eyes while you open your mind.

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Light Sounds Dark

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