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The artist formerly known as Throwing Shade comes through with her debut LP for Ninja Tune. On Weighing Of The Heart, Nabihah Iqbal largely eschews the syrup-thick beat-pop she made under her former moniker for intense, impassioned post-punk clearly informed by Siouxsie & the Banshees and Echo & the Bunnymen. Songs like ‘New New Eyes’ and ‘Saw U Twice’ employ glistening keys that spiral ever higher from the base of a cacophonous rhythm section. Iqbal’s vocals often come heavy with reverb, a production choice that makes it seem like she’s presiding over the tracks while keeping them firmly under her control. Elsewhere, moments like ‘Alone Together’ and ‘Feels So Right’ hark back to her Throwing Shade output, albeit with a greater focus on dreamy production and chorus-heavy guitars.

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  1. 1 Eden Piece 4:10 Nabihah Iqbal Buy
  2. 2 Something More 3:21 Nabihah Iqbal Buy
  3. 3 Saw U Twice 3:38 Nabihah Iqbal Buy
  4. 4 In Visions 4:18 Nabihah Iqbal Buy
  5. 5 Alone Together 4:00 Nabihah Iqbal Buy
  6. 6 Zone 1 to 6000 3:25 Nabihah Iqbal Buy
  7. 7 Feels So Right 2:52 Nabihah Iqbal Buy
  8. 8 New New Eyes 3:47 Nabihah Iqbal Buy
  9. 9 Slowly 3:46 Nabihah Iqbal Buy
  10. 10 Eternal Passion 3:44 Nabihah Iqbal Buy
  11. 11 Untitled Friday 2:20 Nabihah Iqbal Buy

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