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Tomas Barfod
Friends of Friends
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November 2017
  • Vinyl 1×LP $23.99

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The whomadewho drummer’s third LP as a solo artist sees him cresting the wave of retrotastic synth-pop that has served him so well up until this point. Tracks like ‘Family’ and ‘In The Dark’ wouldn’t sound out of place if they turned up on Italians Do It Better, so stringent is the adherence to glossy eighties production values and silky, emotional vocals. Indeed, the vocal guests often provide Paloma’s highpoints - just check Nina K’s powerful turn on the keening, oceanic closer ‘Tidal Wave’. That said, Barfod is just as comfortable pushing out on his own, as he does on melodic electro-house turns like ‘Hope In A Box’.

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  1. 1 Grandiose 3:55 Tomas Barfod Buy
  2. 2 Things That Matter 4:44 Tomas Barfod feat. Louise Foo & Sharin Foo Buy
  3. 3 Hope In A Box 5:22 Tomas Barfod Buy
  4. 4 Family 4:15 Tomas Barfod feat. Jonas Smith Buy
  5. 5 Pantheon 4:30 Tomas Barfod Buy
  6. 6 Better Than I Would 4:13 Tomas Barfod Buy
  7. 7 In The Dark 4:39 Tomas Barfod feat. Nina K Buy
  8. 8 Cannonball 4:25 Tomas Barfod feat. Jonas H. Petersen Buy
  9. 9 Rhodes 2:56 Tomas Barfod Buy
  10. 10 Transpose 3:57 Tomas Barfod feat. Adine Kjædegaard Fliid Buy
  11. 11 Tidal Wave 4:24 Tomas Barfod feat. Nina K Buy

Tomas Barfod

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Friends of Friends

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