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Les Fleurs Du Mal
Les Fleurs Du Mal
Halcyon Veil
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November 2017
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Halcyon Veil boss Rabit utilises his imprint to front the follow-up to 2015’s Communion. Fresh from working on Bjork’s upcoming Utopia LP, Les Fleurs Du Mal sees the producer leap from the ‘weightless grime’ pedestal and into a new realm of dense, impressionistic sound art. The likes of Dark0, These New Puritans and erstwhile collaborator Elysia Crampton spring to mind as Les Fleurs Du Mal drives the listener into intense, often uncomfortable sonic spaces. There is plenty of industrialism to the brute force and sheet-metal scrapings of ‘Roach’ and ‘Ontological Graffiti’, and Rabit’s deftness of touch means the emotional affect intensifies over the course of the dozen tracks here.

  1. 1 Possessed 3:23 Rabit Buy
  2. 2 Bleached World 3:01 Rabit Buy
  3. 3 Roach 2:20 Rabit Buy
  4. 4 Ontological Graffiti 2:25 Rabit Buy
  5. 5 Dogsblood Redemption 2:17 Rabit Buy
  6. 6 Prayer 1:56 Rabit Buy
  7. 7 The Whole Bag 4:01 Rabit Buy
  8. 8 Humanitys Daughter 3:45 Rabit Buy
  9. 9 Rosy Cross 3:27 Rabit Buy
  10. 10 Ontological II 2:21 Rabit Buy
  11. 11 Prayer II (Gemme) 2:45 Rabit Buy
  12. 12 Elevation 3:39 Rabit Buy


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