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Pauline Anna Strom
Trans-Millenia Music
RVNG Intl.
Catalogue Number
Release Date
November 10, 2017

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As the reissue machine turns its gaze from post-punk to new age for this weeks blast of rediscovered gold, we have to pre-warn you that Trans-Millenia Music truly is one of the most mesmerizing 80 minutes of music you are likely to hear this week or even year. An utterly captivating album that really transcends time and space in a way that we haven't felt since we got swept up by Coil's Time Machines. Hallucinatory music of the highest order.

Produced on a creative run between1982 and 1988 and almost criminally issued on minimally produced and distributed LP and cassette editions. Pauline Anna Strom's music delivers on so many levels. From icy synthesis that transports you to the outer reaches of ice caves on the edge of the world, slowly dripping into the ocean lost forever, while other passages have a truly astral gazing quality, the likes of which many artists may claim to portray in the ideology of their music, yet few other reach the dizzying heights of.

Trans-Millenia Music is one of the most incredible records we have discovered in a long long time and no matter what your flavour, we urge you to spend some time within its cavernous arc of otherworldly ambiance.

Digital Track List

  1. 1 Freedom at the 45th Floor 4:34 Buy

    Freedom at the 45th Floor

  2. 2 Virgin Ice 4:38 Buy
  3. 3 In Flight Suspension 7:49 Buy

    In Flight Suspension

  4. 4 Bonsai Terrace 3:26 Buy

    Bonsai Terrace

  5. 5 Energies 5:58 Buy
  6. 6 Mushroom Trip 8:09 Buy
  7. 7 Cruising Altitude 36,000 Feet 6:26 Buy

    Cruising Altitude 36,000 Feet

  8. 8 Spatial Spectre 6:54 Buy

    Spatial Spectre

  9. 9 Warriors of the Sun 7:36 Buy

    Warriors of the Sun

  10. 10 Rain on Ancient Quays 7:23 Buy

    Rain on Ancient Quays

  11. 11 Morning Splendor 6:02 Buy

    Morning Splendor

  12. 12 The Unveiling 5:09 Buy
  13. 13 Gossamer Silk 5:39 Buy

Pauline Anna Strom

RVNG Intl.

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