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Over Depth
Over Depth
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October 2017
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Brummie legend Mick Harris revises his Fret alias for a new album of raw, crunching industrial techno for Karlrecords.

Having been MIA since a one-time appearance on the short-lived Downwards sublabel Resonance back n the mid-90's. Fret makes a triumphant return by distilling his rich discography, turning blood into gold. Here we find elements of his grindcore drumwork as part of Napalm Death, the DNS/BEB broken techno of his work with one Karl O'Connor through to his legendary industrial dub project Scorn.

If you like any of the above be sure to dial into this one, one of the years finest comebacks bar none.

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  1. 1 Lift Method 5:38 Fret Buy
  2. 2 The Waiting Room 6:48 Fret Buy
  3. 3 Meadow Taken Back 5:53 Fret Buy
  4. 4 Murderous Weight 5:30 Fret Buy
  5. 5 LO30 5:40 Fret Buy
  6. 6 Stuck in the Track at Salford Priors 4:57 Fret Buy
  7. 7 Etched Beaked Point 5:12 Fret Buy
  8. 8 Lifford Res 5:45 Fret Buy
  9. 9 B14 5:15 Fret Buy
  10. 10 No Rain 5:42 Fret Buy



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