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The Great Depression
Angels Dust
The Great Depression
Hit And Run
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October 2017
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The California duo return with another EP of spectral, brutalised pop. The submerged Italo-pop aesthetic that they came out with on 2015’s Hit And Run is again at play here. In other hands, cuts like ‘Tears’ and ‘Pure’ would be the sort of things you could imagine soundtracking a crucial scene in a Twin Peaks episode. However, producer Psychopop really lays on the grit here, swamping the tracks in a sea of distortion and reverb. As such, ‘Pure’ becomes imbued with a mutant industrial-pop feel, and Flavia’s vocals are made all the more haunting. We do get the occasional parting of the clouds though - ‘The Mother is A Child Too’ sounds like it was ripped from a Nancy Sinatra tape that had been gathering dust in an attic.

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  1. 1 Tears 1:00 Angels Dust
  2. 2 Barren 1:00 Angels Dust
  3. 3 The Mother Is A Child Too 1:00 Angels Dust
  4. 4 The Spell 1:00 Angels Dust
  5. 5 Pure 1:00 Angels Dust
  6. 6 Beating Of My Hearts 1:00 Angels Dust

Angels Dust

Hit And Run

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