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Fractal City
Fractal City
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October 2017
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Cubenx’s long and fruitful partnership with InFine results in another LP. The one born Cesar Urbina has always liked to paint in broad strokes, but rarely has his music sounded simultaneously so expansive and so immediate. Fractal City opens with a plunging chasm of an ambience in ‘Ssarg’, and there are several equally majestic moments throughout the album - the sprawl of ‘Smash Other’ and ‘Human Dilemma’, for example. These skyscraping soundscapes are wed to nimble beatwork on the likes of ‘Transect’ and ‘Quantified’. The title track, a thick slab of IDM built on slamming kicks, provides the most visceral moment here.

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  1. 1 Ssarg 7:57 Cubenx Buy
  2. 2 Transect 6:32 Cubenx Buy
  3. 3 Fractal City 4:24 Cubenx Buy
  4. 4 Urban Decay 8:17 Cubenx Buy
  5. 5 Hagel 2:27 Cubenx Buy
  6. 6 Human Dilemma 8:07 Cubenx Buy
  7. 7 Quantified 5:40 Cubenx Buy
  8. 8 Axe majeur 6:37 Cubenx Buy
  9. 9 Smash Other 4:22 Cubenx Buy


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