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A Goal is an Image
A Goal is an Image
Halcyon Veil
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October 2017
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Vancouver sound artist Will Ballantyne drops his debut LP for Halycon Veil. Made up of subtle ambience, treated electronics and soft strings the early parts of the album navigate a path not too dissimilar to the new age murmurings of William Eaton or Scott Fraser, albeit a little more contemporary sounding. Later on we have abstract sound design, a whirlwind of field recordings and bursts of harsh noise pervading the album in fine style. In fact, the more we listen to A Goal Is An Image the more we can suss out its influences, but rather than an indication of laziness or mimicry it leaves us all the more impressed.

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  1. 1 Provinces 1:28 City Buy
  2. 2 Your Stream 2:36 City Buy
  3. 3 Pain/Power 4:12 City Buy
  4. 4 End Zone 3:00 City Buy
  5. 5 Mutual Life 2:12 City Buy
  6. 6 Inevitable 3:33 City Buy
  7. 7 The Good Soldier 2:04 City Buy
  8. 8 Of One Kind 3:18 City Buy
  9. 9 Ffaith 2:38 City Buy
  10. 10 SAR 7:03 City Buy
  11. 11 Immaculate 3:35 City Buy

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