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The Lost Futures label starts off with what is sure to be the greatest archival release of the year, a fully sequenced vinyl pressing of CultureClash, the near mythical Kiss FM show that saw Sander Friedeman, Arno Peeters and Richard van der Giessen spin off a jaw dropping journey through the prism of post-acid hardcore and fully focused techno that from 92' to today still sounds like a future many are still trying to reach.

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  1. 1 Mama Africa 4:17 CultureClash Buy
  2. 2 U.U. Inlands (Halal Edit) 5:15 CultureClash Buy
  3. 3 Zitarz 7:15 CultureClash Buy
  4. 4 Never Take A Wrong Turn When You're in the Jungle 6:22 CultureClash Buy
  5. 5 Ama-Zone 9:25 CultureClash Buy
  6. 6 Sultan Groove 6:33 CultureClash Buy
  7. 7 Bad Dream 6:06 CultureClash Buy
  8. 8 Asian Approach 4:30 CultureClash Buy
  9. 9 Mystic (House Dub) 6:23 CultureClash Buy
  10. 10 Khöömiy (Dub) 6:38 CultureClash Buy
  11. 11 Yatiyaña 5:20 CultureClash Buy

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