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The Mecanocentric Worlds of Pierre Bastien
Pierre Bastien
The Mecanocentric Worlds of Pierre Bastien
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October 2017
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Releasing new work from an artist previously associated with Rephlex and Morphine is no easy feat, especially for a fairly small imprint like Discrepant. They’ve been favourites of ours for a while though and we knew that the material would be strong. Over two near 20 minute live recordings Pierre Bastien weaves a tapestry of sound unlike anything much else we’ve ever heard. There are traces of John Fahey, William Eaton, Midori Takada and Terry Riley all present here but Bastien’s own mini orchestra manages to eschew any direct comparison with ease. Middle Eastern jazz motifs mingle with US school minimalism in the most pleasing way you can imagine. Top recommendation here!

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  1. 1 Quiet Motors 18:46 Pierre Bastien
  2. 2 Frantic Motors 17:53 Pierre Bastien

Pierre Bastien


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