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Running Back
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November 2017
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The Bulgarian producer’s latest LP, out via Running Back, drops at a time at which KiNK can legitimately claim to be one of the biggest acts in modern techno. Taking influence from over a decade of producing, DJing and remixing as well as his brain-bending live show, Strahil Velchev’s latest LP is one that really shows his range. For instance, the change of gears between the first two tracks - ‘Soar’s flickering synth ambience into the grizzled dark-room banger that is ‘Yom Thorke’ - is perfectly weighted. ‘Samodiva’ is downtempo par excellence; ‘Peter Piet Piete’ is weirdo-hop that keeps threatening to morph into juke; and closer ‘The Universe in Her Eyes’ is a gorgeous lilt more suited to a Thundercat LP.

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  1. 1 Soar 2:58 KiNK Buy
  2. 2 Yom Thorke 9:04 KiNK Buy
  3. 3 The Russian 8:04 KiNK Buy
  4. 4 Samodiva 4:27 KiNK Buy
  5. 5 Suncatcher 4:31 KiNK Buy
  6. 6 Perth 5:22 KiNK Buy
  7. 7 Teo Techno 5:32 KiNK Buy
  8. 8 Peter Piet Piete 5:56 KiNK Buy
  9. 9 Organ 5:51 KiNK Buy
  10. 10 A Taste of Metal 5:32 KiNK Buy
  11. 11 Five 7:33 KiNK Buy
  12. 12 The Universe In Her Eyes 4:14 KiNK Buy


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Running Back

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