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Youth & Power
Youth & Power
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October 2017


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Youth & Power represents the biggest leap in Hyetal’s transformation from dubstep whizzkid to futurist popstar. Gone are the skittering rhythms and wellsprings of sub that peppered his early creations, though the bright keys and snappy snares remain. Instead, the Bristolian’s latest LP takes its cues from another recent producer-to-singer revolution, namely Jam City’s Dream A Garden. Like the Night Slugs stalwart, Hyetal’s voice has a neutrality to it that allows it to work well in many sonic contexts. The latent New Romanticism of tracks like ‘Saint’, ‘Trust’ and ‘Hold’ is another thing the two albums have in common. Abrasive lo-fi mixing adds an extra punch to the four-on-the-floor jams ‘Devils’ and ‘Permanence’.

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  1. 1 Youth & Power 4:47 Hyetal Buy
  2. 2 Near Water 4:14 Hyetal Buy
  3. 3 Devils 4:10 Hyetal Buy
  4. 4 Saint 3:51 Hyetal Buy
  5. 5 White Roses 4:28 Hyetal Buy
  6. 6 Salt 3:26 Hyetal Buy
  7. 7 Hold 3:41 Hyetal Buy
  8. 8 Trust 4:47 Hyetal Buy
  9. 9 Permanence 6:17 Hyetal Buy


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