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Nathan Fake
Providence Reworks: Part II
Ninja Tune
Catalogue Number
Release Date
September 11, 2017


Nathan Fake puts together the second session of reworkings and remixes from his debut Ninja Tune LP Providence, where as the first volume saw Truss and Tessela's Overmono project turn his radioactive electronics into a stomping two part techno session, backed with Huerco S. to ambient it out. Volume 2 brings a new name to the forefront with four utterly stunning reworkings by Polish composer and multi-instrumentalist Olga Wojciechowska. And as a bonus, these are backed with a brilliant Konx-Om-Pax mix and some alt versions from Nathan himself.

While Olga Wojciechowska is a name new to our ears, Nathan came across Olga's music via The Wire Tapper 40 CD, the blend of modern classical yet experimental sounds made an impact on Nathan as he explains: “It really stopped me in my tracks and hit me quite emotionally so I bought her album, I can honestly admit that it awoke me from the creative block which I had been experiencing at that time”. Turning in not one or two but four reworking, Olga pushes the original pieces electronics into a searching trip through a barrage of acoustic worlds littered with prepared piano notes and a slow-form sombreness that draws out the quieter moments of the album beautifully.

Elsewhere Konx-Om-Pax turns in a rare remix that sees him distilling the UK hardcore dynamics of his Planet Mu material into a shimmering aquatic haze, while Nathan's dub and live reworkings add new avenues to the album, making us ready for a revisit to the original material. For us though, this one is all about Olga Wojciechowska, a name we hope to be seeing more of in the, not too distant future.

Digital Track List

  1. 1 HoursDaysMonthsSeasons (Olga Wojciechowska Rework) Nathan Fake 4:03 Buy

    HoursDaysMonthsSeasons (Olga Wojciechowska Rework)

  2. 2 CONNECTIVITY (Olga Wojciechowska Rework) Nathan Fake 2:56 Buy

    CONNECTIVITY (Olga Wojciechowska Rework)

  3. 3 REMAIN (Olga Wojciechowska Rework) Nathan Fake 4:43 Buy

    REMAIN (Olga Wojciechowska Rework)

  4. 4 Radio Spiritworld (Olga Wojciechowska Rework) Nathan Fake 4:58 Buy

    Radio Spiritworld (Olga Wojciechowska Rework)

  5. 5 DEGREELESSNESS (Konx-Om-Pax Remix) Nathan Fake featuring Prurient 3:42 Buy

    DEGREELESSNESS (Konx-Om-Pax Remix)

  6. 6 feelings 1 (August Rub) Nathan Fake 6:20 Buy

    feelings 1 (August Rub)

  7. 7 REMAIN (Live Version) Nathan Fake 7:18 Buy

    REMAIN (Live Version)

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