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No Need for Rain
No Need for Rain
Opal Tapes
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September 2017
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A widescreen, largely percussion-less record from Hainbach here, dropping courtesy of the ever-interesting Opal Tapes. If track titles like ‘Nevada in My Dream’ and ‘Moons’ didn’t make it obvious, No Need For Rain drifts along through nine pieces of million-yard-stare ambiences. Most of the entries see pretty keys and spurts of melody move in and out of a mesh of grainy reverb. Occasionally Hainbach offers up something like ‘Tremors’ in which motion comes not from drums but from the synth processing.

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  1. 1 David 3:58 Hainbach Buy
  2. 2 Nevada in My Dream 4:31 Hainbach Buy
  3. 3 Shivers 4:38 Hainbach Buy
  4. 4 Wide Awake 3:02 Hainbach Buy
  5. 5 Such Plans 2:33 Hainbach Buy
  6. 6 High and Low 3:26 Hainbach Buy
  7. 7 Tremors 6:50 Hainbach Buy
  8. 8 Moons 2:49 Hainbach Buy
  9. 9 No Need for Rain 4:58 Hainbach Buy


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