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Super Dark Times (Music From The Motion Picture)
Ben Frost
Super Dark Times (Music From The Motion Picture)
Super Dark Times
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September 2017
13 Clips
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Thirteen new soundtrack specific compositions from Ben Frost, a name you should be familiar with by now. The Australian born, Iceland dwelling sound artist is no stranger to film scores, his vast and foreboding ambient pieces suiting the medium perfectly. For Super Dark Times he channels the technology of the mid 90s through delay pedals and distortion fx with unbelievably gripping results. SDT is a film score on paper, but a surprisingly good stand alone album at the same time, the title track balancing delicate FM synthesis with brooding background atmospherics with finesse.

  1. 1 Give Thanks 1:43 Ben Frost
  2. 2 I Have No Maximum Velocity 2:00 Ben Frost
  3. 3 True Lies 1:41 Ben Frost
  4. 4 Do You Want Me To Go? 1:54 Ben Frost
  5. 5 Daryl 1:08 Ben Frost
  6. 6 The Legend Of Zelda 1:28 Ben Frost
  7. 7 Skittles Is Fucking Delicious 1:27 Ben Frost
  8. 8 They Ran Out Of Blue 1:58 Ben Frost
  9. 9 Minesweeper I 1:37 Ben Frost
  10. 10 Minesweeper II 2:00 Ben Frost
  11. 11 If Anybody Asks, We're Already Fucked 2:00 Ben Frost
  12. 12 Super Dark Times 2:00 Ben Frost
  13. 13 Immortal, Like Highlander 1:19 Ben Frost

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