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Memories of Cindy
Palmbomen II
Memories of Cindy
Beats In Space
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January 2018
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Dutch artist Kai Hugo’s Palmbomen II project has its four Memories of Cindy EPs bagged up as a whole here. The most immediately obvious sonic siblings Palmbomen II are the lo-fi house school of DJ Seinfeld, Ross From Friends et al. Many of the tracks here contain the same tinny, moth-eaten grooves that characterises the work of those artists. However, look closer and you’ll find plenty of other things happening here. New Age music, infomercial soundtracks and synthwave also exert a pressure on Memories of Cindy. This is unsurprising, given that Hugo claims to be fascinated by the latent surreality of his adoptive home of California.

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Digital Track List

  1. 1 I Feel Everything 2:26 Palmbomen II Buy
  2. 2 Pure Tibet 6:20 Palmbomen II Buy
  3. 3 ALOHAnet 4:05 Palmbomen II Buy
  4. 4 Seventeen 5:17 Palmbomen II Buy
  5. 5 RTL Unifeeder 4:54 Palmbomen II Buy
  6. 6 Peter Accepts Death 3:53 Palmbomen II Buy
  7. 7 Pyrotechnomarco 5:11 Palmbomen II Buy
  8. 8 Forever Afsluitdijk 2:27 Palmbomen II Buy
  9. 9 IAO Industries 5:11 Palmbomen II Buy
  10. 10 Transportzone Meer 2:26 Palmbomen II Buy
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Palmbomen II

Beats In Space

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Experimental House and Techno

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