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  • Vinyl, 1×LP

    Out of stock
    • Thirty-one track twelve-inch vinyl and download code redeemable from the label
    • Forty page A5 pamphlet includes plantlore and illustrations from artists and herbal medicine section by herbalist Zoe Naylor
    • Twenty eight page pocket A6 booklet Oak, Fern and Daisy: ‘The Folklore, Culture and Magic of the Plant Kingdom’ By Jez Winship
    • Link to the 16mm film 'Pattern of Light' by Mary and David
    • All contents housed within a unique plant relief printed hand numbered manilla sleeve
    • Contains seed envelope harvested by FT group

Folklore Tapes break away from the usual twin 10" album format with a compilation that shines a light on the endlessly growing list of researchers they call upon to dig deep into the myths and mysteries of the esoteric English countryside.

Packed to the brim with thirty-one different tracks, each one based on the folklore of plants, the different styles and sounds on offer is truly dazzling.

For us, the instant highlights have to be from The Lost Tapes Record Club's Carl Turney & Brian Campbell, Belbury Poly, The Silver Funz, Magpahi, Xian Orphic & Paper Dollhouse. Really though, with everything Folklore Tapes do, we say dive straight in at the deep end as you're curiosity will be vastly rewarded.

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  1. 1 Balm 1:24 Various Artists
  2. 2 Birch 1:31 Various Artists
  3. 3 Cactus 1:31 Various Artists
  4. 4 Chasteberry 1:41 Various Artists
  5. 5 Elder 1:38 Various Artists
  6. 6 False Shamrock 1:29 Various Artists
  7. 7 FOXglove 1:28 Various Artists
  8. 8 Gorse 1:40 Various Artists
  9. 9 Hawthorn 1:43 Various Artists
  10. 10 Henbane 1:27 Various Artists
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