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Following EPs on Infinite Machines and Objects Limited - the latter of which have a partner-share in this album too - club Boo-Hoo founder and Berlin etherealist Ziur drops her first LP via Planet Mu. For a producer just three releases deep, Ziur’s sonic aesthetic is remarkably fully-formed here. U Feel Anything? swallows the sonics of her city’s clubs whole, with techno sounds chewed up and spat out in a manner that recalls Amnesia Scanner and Arca. As such, there is a great deal of abrasion here, with many of the tracks at times sounding like they are trying to break out of whatever chains are shackling them. That said, such turmoil would be all for naught if it weren’t contrasted with moments of great beauty - an Eno influence is clear on the transcendent Aisha Devi collab ‘Body of Light’.

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Digital Track List

  1. 1 Human Life Is Not A Commodity 3:45 Ziur Buy
  2. 2 U Feel Anything? 3:45 Ziur Buy
  3. 3 Soaked 3:31 Ziur Buy
  4. 4 Body Of Light 4:52 Ziúr and Aïsha Devi Buy
  5. 5 Cipher 4:13 Ziur Buy
  6. 6 Moonlight 1:06 Ziur Buy
  7. 7 Rituals Of Passage 2:52 Ziur Buy
  8. 8 Don't Buy It 3:26 Ziur Buy
  9. 9 Laughing And Crying Are The Same Things 4:40 Ziúr featuring Zhala Buy
  10. 10 Drawn 3:46 Ziur Buy
  11. 11 Arise 1:29 Ziur Buy
  12. 12 Fractals 3:44 Ziur Buy


Planet Mu

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