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Lone DJ Kicks
Lone DJ Kicks
!K7 Records
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September 2017
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Lone’s hard work over the past decade pays oFf with a DJ Kicks volume. This mix does a fine job of pairing up the Nottingham producer’s recent explorations in house with his earlier hip-hop joints and the hyperactive rave music of his R&S LPs. The opening few tracks are all kaleidoscopic boom-bap productions, with Heralds of Change’s ‘Spotted’ and Lone’s own ‘Cali Drought’ chirpy highlights. Things change gear with Gnork’s ‘U’ - while the bright melodies remain, these are now applied to a prime wedge of lo-fi house. The remainder of the session is characterised by more classy cuts that seek to re-arrange the building blocks of house into fun new forms. Nowhere is this executed better than on the limber exclusive ‘Saturday Night’. Radiohead’s somnambulant ‘Worrywort’ winds the record down.

  1. 1 Go Hawaii (Unmixed) 6:49 Casino versus Japan Buy
  2. 2 Spotted (Unmixed) 2:19 Heralds Of Change
  3. 3 Brooklyn Banks (Unmixed) 3:18 Lone Buy
  4. 4 Hold The Floor (Unmixed) 4:00 Camu Tao Buy
  5. 5 Hityawitdat (Unmixed) 3:13 Lootpack
  6. 6 Cali Drought (Unmixed) 3:16 Lone Buy
  7. 7 Alpha Wheel 4 (Ambient Mix) (Unmixed) 4:03 Lone Buy
  8. 8 Orange Romeda (Unmixed) 4:51 Boards of Canada Buy
  9. 9 U (Unmixed) 5:41 Gnork Buy
  10. 10 Placid Angles (Unmixed) 6:33 Nostalgic
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