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Nothing Left To Abandon
Nothing Left To Abandon
Catalogue Number
Release Date
September 2017

New imprint BauSatz front a release from South African composer Emlyn Ellis Addison, aka Clocolan. As one might be able to discern from the album’s cover, the fifteen tracks of Nothing Left To Abandon are prime stargazing fodder in the vein of Boards of Canada and Vangelis. Keening keyboards, moody synths and sputtering drum patterns are wed together to give the album a feeling of wide-eyed wonder. When Clocolan decides to drop the drums, throw in some far-flung spoken word samples and take things weightless, as on ‘Africae Extremitas’ and ‘I Feel Sorry For You’, the results are just as grand.

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  1. 1 Namaqua Clocolan 0:41
  2. 2 Everything You See Is You Clocolan 5:32
  3. 3 Cannon Rock, 72 Clocolan 5:16
  4. 4 Redstone Clocolan 1:33
  5. 5 Obsolete Advancements Clocolan 6:18
  6. 6 Ciskei Clocolan 1:36
  7. 7 In The Rainbow Clocolan 5:11
  8. 8 Africae Extremitas Clocolan 1:34
  9. 9 Prime Spiral Clocolan 5:24
  10. 10 Machine Learning Clocolan 2:34
  11. 11 My Friend Was Joe Clocolan 2:13
  12. 12 I Feel Sorry For You Clocolan 3:44
  13. 13 The Most Vivid Shade Of Green Clocolan 5:40
  14. 14 Escarpment At Pella Clocolan 4:42
  15. 15 H jumen Clocolan 1:45
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