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Alacasa EP
Alacasa EP
Analogical Force
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October 2017
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18 months on from Kettel’s debut full-length for Clone Records and the one born Reimer Eising jumps ship to Analogical Force for an energetic five-track. Like many of the label’s best releases - try their Voiceless series as an intro - the cuts on Alacasa take traditional acid stylings and soup them up with faster tempos and nimbler beats. Bar closer ‘Bootmens’ - itself a very competent piece of throwback acid - everything here hovers at around 130 bpm. The quicker tempo really enlivens the knotty title track, while ‘Cribbage’ is what A.G. Cook might sound like if he ever invested in a 303. Rolando Simmons’s warm, bongo-led remix of the eponymous cut closes things out.

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  1. 1 Alacasa 2:00 Kettel
  2. 2 Cribbage 2:00 Kettel
  3. 3 Ribcage 2:00 Kettel
  4. 4 Bootmens 2:17 Kettel
  5. 5 Alacasa (Rolando Simmons remix) 2:00 Kettel


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