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Bad Life Choice Club EP
Neil Landstrumm
Bad Life Choice Club EP
Catalogue Number
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September 2017

Neil Landstrumm seems to be enjoying himself of late. A month after an EP called Kris P Lettuce, the rave vet drops a fun six-track on Moustache. There are a lot of 80s-indebted dancefloor stylings at play here, most notably Italo-disco and electro-pop, and each track bounds along with a kind of wry loucheness that is very endearing. ‘Destination Nowhere’ and ‘Black Heart’ also incorporate a bit of chiptune into the grooves with surprising tastefulness. Spoken vocals ala Kraftwerk/The Pet Shop Boys pepper each track in a way that is both absorbing and a knowing nod to the inherent drama of the styles Landstrumm works with across Bad Life Choice Club.

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  1. 1 Schwartze Tur 1:20 Neil Landstrumm
  2. 2 Cactus81 1:24 Neil Landstrumm
  3. 3 Protect Me 1:24 Neil Landstrumm
  4. 4 Destination Nowhere 1:25 Neil Landstrumm
  5. 5 Your Life 1:52 Neil Landstrumm
  6. 6 Black Heart 2:16 Neil Landstrumm

Neil Landstrumm

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