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Ariha Brass Quartet
Ariha Brass Quartet
Ariha Brass Quartet
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September 2017


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Another new one from the Discrepant camp (that means good news!). Leftfield, avant-garde, free improv whatever you want to call it experiments for trumpet x3 and tuba. Recorded in Beirut a few years back, these sessions were the result of a week of residency orientated performances and reflect not just a meeting of likeminded individuals but a tangible harmony amongst them. From the drones of ‘Hamra Drinks’ to the almost musique concrete sounding ‘Armenian Coffee’ there is a sense of light hearted humour to be found in the song titles, titles which seemingly allude to places frequented during the trip.

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  1. 1 Mar Mikhael In The Afternoon 2:00 Ariha Brass Quartet
  2. 2 Gemmayzeh Drinks 2:00 Ariha Brass Quartet
  3. 3 Armenian Coffee 2:00 Ariha Brass Quartet
  4. 4 Hamra Drinks 2:00 Ariha Brass Quartet
  5. 5 The Last Supper In Sin el Fil 2:00 Ariha Brass Quartet


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