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Cru Servers
Blubber Totem
12th Isle
Catalogue Number
Release Date
September 15, 2017


Wildly original raw machine funk from the depths of Strathclyde on this new LP from 12th Isle. Following on from the sell out ‘Thoughtstream’, the Glasgow group offer up the debut album from local duo Cru Servers for their second release. Recorded in the hallway of their parent’s house over one busy weekend, Blubber Tottum sounds like nothing else out there. Part abstract sonic collages, part improvised/sample based groove fuckery, the tracks on this record will either leave you craving more or alienate you entirely. Massive respect to Rickie and Jamie McNeill - we’re happy to support it!

  1. 1 Incubation on Ram Skins 1:30
  2. 2 Shot To Life 1:30
  3. 3 Dorito Rook 1:30
  4. 4 Ark Bile Top-Ups 1:30
  5. 5 Deithe 2 Hansy 1:30
  6. 6 Granite Of Blobs Ghost 1:29
  7. 7 Whale Vomit Windfall 1:10
  8. 8 Accursed Share 1:30
  9. 9 Yellow Domes & The Dawn 1:30

Cru Servers

12th Isle

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