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Mannequin on the Run EP
Rebel Intelligence
Catalogue Number
Release Date
25 August 2017

Fresh from clearing through the remains of his Selected Offal comp/album for Shipwrec, Datassette dives fully into Dopplereffekt style electro with a fresh as you like four tracker Mannequin on the Run.

Opener Mannequin on the Run makes its moves with a melancholic edge that is complimented by some heavily indebted analord synth sounds, while an off key acidic squelch gives the piece a good thump forward. Death Perception indulges in some gloomy, ambient electro. Its fizzy texture masking the feelings underneath, whilst also lending a feel of early Powell to the track (if he had pulled influence in from the rain drenched soundtracks of Vangelis!).

Metropolis Light Transport and Musique Gélatineuse show the other side to Datasette's sound with some prime time DJ gear, imagine Kraftwerk's Showroom dummies legging it to Detroit to cut tracks for Metroplex and you will be on the right path.

All in all another killer slab from an artist who can do no wrong in our eyes.

  1. 1 Mannequin on the Run Datasette 1:28
  2. 2 Death Perception Datasette 1:29
  3. 3 Metropolis Light Transport Datasette 1:30
  4. 4 Musique Gélatineuse Datasette 1:30


Rebel Intelligence

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