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Various Artists
Central Processing Unit
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September 2017
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One of the most dependable labels out there at the moment, Central Processing Unit presents a smorgasbord of remixes, reworks and edits. Including entries from label mainstays Blixaboy, Noumen and Microlith, every track in this baker’s dozen takes classic analog rave stylings and gently nudges them in new directions. While that means the meat of the collection is 808-led dancefloor fodder, the wide remit includes acid house, electro-funk, techno and even, on Missqualter’s version of CN’s ‘Zener Diode Blues’, trance. It’s a testament to the CPU ethos that they have managed to make one aesthetic work so well for them for so long. For familiars, Remixes is a comfort; for would-be converts, it’s a great introduction.

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Digital Track List

  1. 1 Memory Bubble (Jensen Interceptor Remix) Sync 24 6:55 Buy
  2. 2 White Silence (Morphology 24 Remix) Noumen 6:43 Buy
  3. 3 Purple Chords (Tryphème Remix) Microlith 5:20 Buy
  4. 4 Detroit Steel (Plant43 Remix) Blixaboy 7:16 Buy
  5. 5 Will I Dream (Blixaboy Remix) Plant43 5:48 Buy
  6. 6 Mélodramatique (Microlith Remix) Tryphème 5:48 Buy
  7. 7 Curie (Sync 24 Remix) Annie Hall 5:08 Buy
  8. 8 Zener Diode Blues (Missqulater Remix) CN 4:41 Buy
  9. 9 Strange Hyper (Annie Hall Remix) Cygnus 4:51 Buy
  10. 10 Model 2029 (DJ VLR Remix) Jensen Interceptor 4:36 Buy
  11. 11 Step Inside (Noumen Remix) B12 8:47 Buy
  12. 12 Diving Loop (B12 Remix) Mrs Jynx 5:45 Buy
  13. 13 Zunächst (Automatic Tasty Remix) Federico Leocata 4:53 Buy

Central Processing Unit

Electro and Acid

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