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Dean Blunt & Joanne Robertson
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October 2017
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Dean Blunt takes a break from the Hype Williams reunion by dropping us deep into the quiet hours, with this smoked out indie LP record with Joanne Robertson. Consider it a spiritual follow-up to Black Metal if you are feeling flush, yet it also stands in its own right as a brilliant example of both Blunt and Robertson's talent as musicians and performers.

Burning the same candles that lit up Black Metal and The Redeemer, Wahalla features more new adventures within strung out psych-folk. Having received a digital release at the start of 2017, a vinyl edition has been on many a lovelorn Blunt fans wishlist for some time now.

As alluring and mysterious as anything Blunt has turned his hand to. We can't quite work out if its sketches for fun or a wholeheartedly serious endeavour, but whichever way you take it, there is much to enjoy no matter what your flavour.

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  1. 1 X 2:00 Dean Blunt & Joanne Robertson
  2. 2 PUSHER 1:53 Dean Blunt & Joanne Robertson
  3. 3 MASS APPEAL 2:00 Dean Blunt & Joanne Robertson
  4. 4 VIPER 1:00 Dean Blunt & Joanne Robertson
  5. 5 PARO (BLOW) 2:00 Dean Blunt & Joanne Robertson
  6. 6 HAD MY GUARD UP 2 U (SINCE '92) 2:00 Dean Blunt & Joanne Robertson
  7. 7 TRIPLE BEAM 1:17 Dean Blunt & Joanne Robertson
  8. 8 FUCKBOY ANTHEM 2:00 Dean Blunt & Joanne Robertson

Experimental and Noise

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