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Visceral Minds 2
Various Artists
Visceral Minds 2
Fractal Fantasy
Catalogue Number
Visceral Minds 2
Release Date
August 2017
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Visceral Minds 2 collects together some seriously weighty collabs and exclusive cuts from a who's who of underground bass music in 2017, featuring none other than Jlin, Scratcha DVA, v1984, Swing Ting, Trigga, L-Vis 1990, DJ Rashad (RIP), DJ Spinn & much more...

Doing more than most to push things forward, Sinjin Hawke & Zora Jones' flooring Visceral Minds 2 compilation further builds on the A/V hyper-real video pieces of their Fractal Fantasy website to turn in some seriously killer collabs, each track fully tooled up and ready to turn footwork, grime, dancehall and techno on its head, whilst giving the overall underground a very necessary wake up call.

While it's hard to single out any one highlight, the first stops for us have to be Jlin & Zora Jones Dark Matter, its plasmic bassline morphing the tightly wound drums to a breakneck speed, while Zora's Murlo collab FKA Daybreak continues where the bittersweet UKG of Murlo's Club Coil left off, giving his usual palate a glacial gloss that is set to freeze up all those who get absorbed into its digital, synthetic swing.

Visceral Minds 2 is some of the most destructively deadly trax of 2017, each one set to carve its way into any CDJs it's loaded into, whilst silently waiting to take over the club and everyone within it.

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It's been two years since Fractal Fantasy was inaugurated with the first installment of 'Visceral Minds' – a symbiosis of computer-driven visual experiments soundtracked by collaborations and alien club machinations.

Expanding upon this collaborative spirit, 'Visceral Minds 2' has three times more music than its predecessor and charts the platform's move away from traditional computer graphics into the realm of visual interactivity.

Recorded between 2013 and 2017, the compilation serves as a testament to new friendships and departed legends. From spaced-out submarine catastrophes to triumphant Jersey anthems, the artists draw a common thread between a heterogeneous collection of styles and sub-cultures.

'Visceral Minds 2' also officially marks the addition of three new members to the Fractal Fantasy family: Martyn Bootyspoon, Dr. Zubotnik and Xzavier Stone all feature on the album, providing just a hint at what's to come in the not-too-distant future.

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  1. 1 Dark Matter 3:42 Jlin & Zora Jones Buy
  2. 2 Bussgun 3:33 Scratcha DVA, Killa P, Sijnin Hawke & Zora Jones Buy
  3. 3 FKA Daybreak 4:16 Murlo & Zora Jones Buy
  4. 4 Speedlight 3:24 Canblaster, Sinjin Hawke & Zora Jones Buy
  5. 5 Raw 3:52 Sinjin Hawke & DJ Sliink Buy
  6. 6 The Zone 4:40 v1984 & Zora Jones Buy
  7. 7 Killa Season 3:54 Swing Ting, Trigga & Sinjin Hawke Buy
  8. 8 Out Da Kitchen 2:57 Thast & Zora Jones Buy
  9. 9 Vision 2:54 L-Vis 1990 & Sinjin Hawke Buy
  10. 10 Money Hoe 2:39 La Zowi & Zora Jones Buy
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