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F Ingers, a trio made up of three central pillars within the murky yet achingly seductive world occupied by Blackest Ever Black, return to the imprint with the tantalizing quasi-pop and reduction-dub of their second album proper, Awkwardly Blissing Out.

Taking various different forms within the Blackest Ever Black world, F Ingers is made up of the labels 2nd wave of key players, Carla dal Forno, Sam Karmel & Tarquin Manek. While Carla and Tarquin have both turned in excellent solo recordings for the label as well as collaborating under the name Tarcar, the force of power that is created when they step into the studio with Sam Karmel exorcises some very different demons indeed.

Where as the trios previous alum Hide Before Dinner set its sights on the ghosted recollections of childhood summers, reimagined weeks turning into months spent hiding from the ghouls in your neighbour's garden (itself a brilliant sort of smudged, suburban daydream of The Fall's urban dwelling City Hobgoblins). Awkwardly Blissing Out sets its stage within the acute anxieties of adult life, this time you are hiding from social interaction, alienation and commitment.

This stoned escapism is strung together with some of the most lucid late night post-punk-pop this side of the soon to be reissued (by BEB and Idle Hands joint venture Silent Street) Maximum Joy catalogue. A hazy blend of early hours druggy lullabies held together with Carla's vocals seeping through a maze of DIY synths, themselves held together with sellotape and fractured guitar notes that slowly drift upwards and out the window.

When asked about F Ingers in an interview for Fact back in 2015, Blackest Ever Black label boss Kiran Sande was quoted as saying "they told me that when they first sent me their demos over from Melbourne they were trying to make the kind of music I might play on the show" and with Akwardly Blissing Out, the trio have distilled everything that us and much others love of BEB, the angular ambience, spiky post-punk attitude and the finest flavours of outer reaches pop to craft an album that is sure to ingrain itself into the label's history as one of it;s most outstanding missions.

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