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Vieux Silence
Vieux Silence
Ideologic Organ
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October 2017
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Having been entranced by both Andrew Chalk's work with MIRROR (and back to his solo works as FERIAL CONFINE, plus multiple collaborations with David Jackman, The New Blockaders, Daisuke Suzuki, etc ) and Timo van Luijk (as Af Ursin, In Camera, La Poupée Vivante, and collaborations with Kris Vanderstraeten and others) for many years, I was naturally intrigued to hear about and hear their duo project ELODIE. The project formed in 2010, and has spanned eleven beautiful albums already, to date.

"Vieux Silence" for Ideologic Organ is their first release presented outside of their own record publishing nook, Faraway Press & La Scie Dorée. However this is not the first encounter between Ideologic Organ & ELODIE, they performed at a night in London I curated in February 2012, alongside Jessika Kenney & Eyvind Kang. Elodie's performance was among the most delicately engaging and savant I have witnessed… so very quiet, with snow falling in London outside Cafe Oto's windows, the audience palpably entered a high intensity listening focus. The impression of this vivid memory is striking, considering how spare each of the individual elements present that night were.

"Vieux Silence", and ELODIE in general provoke a visual imagination in an instant, perhaps filtered through aged watercolour, tape grain, antique lenses, forgotten levels of listening and observational patience. On this gorgeous album Chalk & van Luijk also collaborate with piano, pedal steel and clarinet (played by ; Tom James Scott, Daniel Morris and Jean-Noel Rebilly, respectively).

Each detail carefully considered and colouring step by step, like an impressionist watercolour.

– Stephen O'Malley, Les Lilas 2017

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  1. 1 La Vallée du Sommeil 2:55 Elodie Buy
  2. 2 Corridor 1:05 Elodie Buy
  3. 3 Vieux Silence 7:05 Elodie Buy
  4. 4 La Nuit Voilée 9:54 Elodie Buy
  5. 5 Au Point du Jour 8:53 Elodie Buy
  6. 6 Le Temps d'Antan 4:26 Elodie Buy
  7. 7 Entre Deux Mondes 1:12 Elodie Buy
  8. 8 La Saison Blanche 5:17 Elodie Buy

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