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Jamire Williams
Carlos Niño & Friends
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September 2017
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“For me personally and for where I am artistically, this is a supreme statement piece. It’s more than a record for me. This is pure art in raw form. I’ve said this many times but as a drummer I see myself as a painter. I see colors, shapes, even strokes within sonic palettes. ///// EFFECTUAL evokes all these sentiments to me as it is striped down yet still vibrant. It’s meant to push all that it encompasses; composition, conceptual art, and of course the drums.” - Jamire Williams

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  1. 1 WHO WILL STAND? 2:00 Jamire Williams
  2. 2 THE FIRE NEXT TIME 1:11 Jamire Williams
  3. 3 Selectric 2:00 Jamire Williams
  4. 4 TRUTH REMAINS CONSTANT 2:00 Jamire Williams
  5. 5 Dos Au Soleil 2:00 Jamire Williams
  6. 6 Chase The Ghost 2:00 Jamire Williams
  7. 7 Wash Me Over (Pollock's Pulse) 2:00 Jamire Williams
  8. 8 IN RETROSPECT 2:00 Jamire Williams
  9. 9 FUTURISM 1:14 Jamire Williams
  10. 10 [Selah] 0:43 Jamire Williams
  11. 11 Children Of The Supernatural 1:08 Jamire Williams
  12. 12 ILLUMINATIONS 2:00 Jamire Williams
  13. 13 The Art Of LOSING YOURSELF 2:00 Jamire Williams
  14. 14 Collaborate With God (feat Chassol) 2:00 Jamire Williams


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