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Factory Floor
DFA Records
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August 2017

Factory Floor's 25 25 gets an addition in the form of the 2525+5 EP, collecting together a club mix of Dial Me In and a selection of the LPs best remixes from Klara Lewis, Charles Manier and the much slept on but no less devastating Jlin rework.

While the original tracks here act as a timely reminder of why we love Factory Floor's 25 25 so much, the remixes true to their nature add new dimensions to the FF sound that really move beyond the borders of the group's usual body music. First up is Klara Lewis with a slow-mo pop rendition, the group's post-punk roots moved into an almost new romantic sphere of glossy pop sweetness. While Charles Manier gives his best new beat balance to his version of Relay, yet the true gold here is the bleep 'n' bass Jlin version, sort of like a footwork goes Unique 3 on a lego tip. Each tracks worth a check, but trust when we say the Jlin is the one...

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  1. 1 Dial Me In (Club Mix) 7:14 Factory Floor Buy
  2. 2 Work It Out 10:19 Factory Floor Buy
  3. 3 Ya (Klara Lewis Remix) 9:30 Factory Floor Buy
  4. 4 Relay (Charles Manier Remix) 5:57 Factory Floor Buy
  5. 5 Wave (Jlin Remix) 4:08 Factory Floor Buy

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