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Various Artists
Month of Mayhem
PC Music
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Release Date
July 28, 2017


PC Music's sugary sweet 19-track compilation Month of Mayhem takes new shape as a properly teeth dissolving 2 x LP picture disc edition. Showing truly the breadth and range of the label's crew focused sound, Month of Mayhem features nineteen tracks of elasticated rhythms that twist and stretch vibrant pop music into bold, new shapes.

Bringing in all the usual suspects - Danny L Harle, GFOTY, A. G. Cook plus a host of new names and possibly a fair few undercover operators moving in incognito mode, Month Of Mayhem shows just how open-minded and daringly experimental the PC Music really is.

Traces of a thousand plus teenage musical obsessions - dubstep, emo, trap, goth, trance, bubblegum are all soaked in the PC Music gloss and left to bake in the neon glow. Tracks like 'Distant Promise' by Spinee lock in a super sharp shooter bassline that shoots off more mentasm than a Joey Beltram 12", while its chipmunk vocals are totally glowstick rave. Lil Data steps up with some fractured garage woodblocks and reverb-soaked red light signals on 'Casey Asked Me Am I Angry' which when it starts skipping could be a cut off the first Burial LP before it quickly gets ripped apart by some Haswell modular tones. Meanwhile, the hooligan hardcore of 'Behind the Wall' by Guys Next Door excavates a dub techno pulse with some EVOL style panning to delicious effect.

For anyone who may have skipped Month of Mayhem when it first dropped as a digital-only compilation, we'd strongly urge you to check it pronto. Month of Mayhem is proof that PC Music is pushing some real boundaries within the sound-design, club fodder and the never-ending quest for making first quenching pop music.

Digital Track List

  1. 1 Me4U (A. G. Cook Remix) Danny L Harle feat. Morrie 4:00 Buy

    Me4U (A. G. Cook Remix)

  2. 2 Never Thought Danny Sunshine 2:46 Buy
  3. 3 Lightning Lipgloss Life Life Sim 5:33 Buy

    Lightning Lipgloss Life

  4. 4 Month of Mayhem GFOTY 2:03 Buy

    Month of Mayhem

  5. 5 Distant Promise Spinee 3:04 Buy

    Distant Promise

  6. 6 Blink easyFun 2:20 Buy
  7. 7 Money on a Gold Plate A. G. Cook 2:26 Buy

    Money on a Gold Plate

  8. 8 Cos I Love U A. G. Cook 2:07 Buy
  9. 9 Dance Floor MC Boing 2:20 Buy
  10. 10 1Ul Danny L Harle 3:25 Buy
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