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Nosaj Thing
Innovative Leisure / Timetable
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8 wrzesień 2017


Nosaj Thing leaves behind the desert shore blues of his Fated LP with a fresh selection of L.A. electronica, cutting through what he terms a personal & musical “identity crisis” by clutching an icy sword of grime synths, dusky ambience and J-pop textures.

Described by Innovative Leisure / Timetable as his most diverse, vital work yet, Parallels expands nicely on his usual soulful sound with a fresh selection of neo-lit grime patches as found on Form, a track that at times sounds like it has been lifted from the finest fizzing moments of Strict Face's killer remix of Shriekin on Blacklink Sound, whilst the more abstract echoes of Four Tet at his most darkside garage (mixed with some classic SAW AFX) on the absent K roller U G.

Using the album to draw in some of his close mates as collaborators, Steve Spacek, Kazu Makino and Zuri Marley all chip in to give Nosaj new energy which pushed him not to limit himself and ensure the recording process was ripe with a fresh and alive feeling.

Parallels is a perfect example of why Nosaj Thing's music has been favourited by everyone from Flying Lotus, The xx, Jon Hopkins, Mary Anne Hobbs, Modeselektor and Kendrick Lamar.

Lista utworów

  1. 1 Nowhere Nosaj Thing 2:28 Kup
  2. 2 All Points Back to U Nosaj Thing feat. Steve Spacek 4:14 Kup
  3. 3 Form Nosaj Thing 3:10 Kup
  4. 4 How We Do Nosaj Thing feat. Kazu Makino 4:16 Kup
  5. 5 U G Nosaj Thing 4:21 Kup
  6. 6 Get Like Nosaj Thing 3:04 Kup
  7. 7 TM Nosaj Thing 2:21 Kup
  8. 8 Way We Were Nosaj Thing feat. Zuri Marley 3:30 Kup
  9. 9 IGYC Nosaj Thing 3:37 Kup
  10. 10 Sister Nosaj Thing 3:53 Kup

Nosaj Thing

Nosaj Thing

Innovative Leisure / Timetable

Electronic and Electronica

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